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McDowell Girls Lacrosse Association
McDowell Girls Lacrosse evolved back in 2001, when Princeton lacrosse All-American Henry Fish and former Cortland State goalie Jeff Lord created the first area boy and girl's lacrosse team -- Erie Youth Lacrosse Association.  Within a year, the girls had their own coach and got their sticks dirty in a few tournaments around the area.  There were four McDowell girls on the 2002 team.  By 2004, McDowell girls were the majority.  

Under the leadership of former head coach Nadia Pero, the McDowell students approached the Millcreek Township School Board with the request to become associated with the school district in 2004.  That same year, the Trojans formed their own steering committee, lead by Colleen and Jeff Stubbs.  The McDowell ladies lacrosse team was born!

During the Spring of 2008, PIAA recognized both boys and girls McDowell lacrosse as official sports.  Then, the McDowell teams approached the school board for approval as a varsity sport, which they received.  Both teams made the decision to join the WPIAL conference in 2009, in order to have the opportunity to receive a consistent schedule and a competitive playing experience.

The McDowell Middle School Program started with about twelve students in 2010 under the coaching of Sarah Freeman as coach and has now evolved into about 40 students from all three middle schools and is under the leadership of Lindsey Bloomster.

Prior coaches

2001–2007:  Nadia Pero and Doug Bittner
2008–2010:  Dave Dexter and Bruce Bloomster
2011:             Acacia Cook and Marissa Rosenbaum
2012:             Marissa Rosenbaum and Audrey Cardinali
                      Bruce Bloomster and Greg Horanic (Middle School Program)
2013:            Marissa Rosenbaum and Audrey Cardinali
                      Greg Horanic (Middle School Program)
2014:            Marissa (Rosenbaum) Orbanek and Audrey Cardinali
                     Cassie Stubbs (Middle School Program)
2015:            Marissa (Rosenbaum) Orbanek and Audrey Cardinali
                     Cassie Stubbs and Bri Carnes (Middle School Program)
2016:            Marissa Orbanek and Audrey Cardinali
                     Lindsey Bloomster and Bruce Bloomster (Middle School Program)
2017:            Marissa Orbanek  and Audrey Cardinali
​                     Lindsey Bloomster and Alyssa Lindsey (Middle School Program)
Previous Board Members: