Each year, the coaches honor individual players for their exemplary achievements on the field. Below is a list of the 2021 awards.
Offensive Player of the Year (dictated by stats)
  • Varsity: Caitlin Morris 
  • Junior Varsity: Madison Brandt
  • Middle School: Lilly Montagna
Midfield Player of the Year (dictated by stats)
  • Varsity: Sydney Keinath
  • Junior Varsity: Marissa Birchard
  • Middle School: Courtney Leonard
Defensive Player of the Year (dictated by stats)
  • Varsity: Katelyn Hoffman
  • Junior Varsity: Maddie Mitchell
  • Middle School: Ava Szelinski
Unsung Hero Award. The unsung hero is someone who has contributed behind the scenes with her skill, time, and effort towards furthering the vision and mission of the McDowell Girls Lacrosse Program. Even though this player's work goes unnoticed, she focuses on results while showing enthusiasm and consistently going above and beyond.
  • Varsity: Rose Rakowski
  • Junior Varsity: Bella Blackmond
  • Middle School: Kennedy Andryc
The Rising Star Award. This award goes to someone who is new to the sport and has demonstrated ongoing and exceptional growth in contribution to the sport and increased levels of leadership and responsibility.
  • High School: Mia Simon
  • Middle School: Emma Crowers
Breakthrough Award. This award goes to an individual who has made the best or most significant breakthrough as a student-athlete during this season.
  • High School: Addie Henderson
  • Middle School: Nicole Greenlee
Braveheart Award. This award goes to a player who shows leadership, sportsmanship, coach ability and hustle. This player embodies excellence both on and off the field, she gives 100% at practices and games, demonstrates great responsibility and high expectations, and respects the sport, her fellow athletes, and her coaches.
  • Varsity: Addey Bischof
  • Junior Varsity: Olivia Montagna
  • Middle School: Kolleen Hoffman
Heart of a Champion. This is our biggest award. It goes to someone who demonstrates the unwillingness to quit and displays a mental toughness and focus to settle for nothing less than greatness. She exemplifies the discipline, desire, focus, character and commitment to becoming a champion, and her statistics support this attitude.
  • Varsity: Erin Bright
  • Junior Varsity: Gabi Spinelli
  • Middle School: Alyvia Stockton
Jamie Award. In honor of SFC James J. Stoddard Jr., KIA September 30, 2005. Known better as Jamie. Jamie was a leader both on the athletic and battle field: he lifted those around him up and made them the best versions of themselves. Jamie was a leader who put others' needs before his own. The recipient of the Jamie award is someone who has been a driving force on the field by being positive, being selfless to the team, and making those around them better. This person helps to carry on Jamie’s legacy. 
  • Varsity: Darby Blanchette
  • Junior Varsity: Jordan Mooney
First-Team All-District (selected by District 10 Coaches based on statistics)
  • Sydney Keinath (D10 Co-Player of the Year) 
  • Caitlin Morris (D10 Co-Player of the Year) 
  • Addey Bischof
  • Erin Bright
  • Alexa Panetta
Second Team All-District (selected by District 10 Coaches based on statistics)
  • Matilda Bischof
  • Darby Blanchette 
  • Katelyn Hoffman
  • Lexi Rich